Household Operations Binder - International
Household Operations Binder - International
Household Operations Binder - International

Household Operations Binder - International

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Running a home involves so many minute details, routines, and lists, it’s impossible to keep them all straight inside your head. The Sunday Basket is essential to maintaining your home’s actionable papers, but what about the things you don’t need to review every week?

That list of babysitters? Your cleaning schedule? Where you keep the extra serving dishes? All covered in the Household Operations Binder, the simple, organized key to maintaining your home and managing your household.

This is a digital download only of the same beautifully designed, full color forms and worksheets to help you record and track your home management information quickly and efficiently that are included in our physical binder. You will not receive a physical binder.

Notes: These materials are based on American standards and are only available in English. Any future updates will automatically be sent to the email used at time of original purchase. 

With your digital copy of the contents, you can customize it exactly to your needs. If you need to update the information, or just need an additional page to track favorite recipes or rework your cleaning schedule, simply print another one and pop it into your binder.

Your digital download includes the following full color information sheets:
  • General Information - Basic information on who you are and where you live, including:
  • Basic Household Info, including utility and trash schedules, mail info, and emergency contact numbers
  • Family Information for your human and furry family members
  • What to do in an Emergency, like where the gas shut off is and where you keep your supplies
    • Important Dates
    • A tracker to record your Rarely Used Items and their location
    • Meal Planning - Whether you are an aspiring home cook or a connoisseur of takeout (or both!), keep those details organized in this section
    • Meal Planning Tips for how to turn this task from a chore into a joy
    • Weekly Meal Planner
    • Master Grocery List for things your family regularly eats
    • Favorite Meals, organized in two ways to fit your family
    • Take Out Food Directory
    • House Cleaning - Whether you maintain your home yourself or have help, this section helps you track your routines and your favorite products. Each checklist keeps you on target for a clean, healthy home.
    • General Household Maintenance - Your home doesn’t run itself. These details help you remember who, what, and how your home hums along.
    • Service Providers and Contractors
    • Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist
    • Home Improvement Wishlist
    • Infrequent Task Instructions
    • Holiday/Event Planning - Worksheets, checklists, idea trackers, and MORE to keep party planning exactly what it should be--fun! This section has tons of worksheets to bring your ideas to life and make sure you are intentional with your time, money, and resources.