Financial Organizing Binder - International
Financial Organizing Binder - International
Financial Organizing Binder - International

Financial Organizing Binder - International

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The Financial Organizing Binder will give you the clarity that you need to make responsible, prepared decisions for your family and track those you’ve already made.

This is a digital download only of the same beautifully designed, full color forms and worksheets to help you record and track your financial information quickly and efficiently that are included in our physical binder. You will not receive a physical binder.

Notes: These materials are based on American standards and are only available in English. Any future updates will automatically be sent to the email used at time of original purchase. 

With your digital copy of the contents, you can customize it exactly to your needs. If you need to update the information, or just need an additional page to track credit cards or retirement benefits, simply print another one and pop it into your binder.

Your digital download includes the following full color information sheets:

  • Financial Prep Sheet - Where do you stand financially? What are your goals? What are your worries and struggles? Jot it all down here.
  • Family information sheet - Your basic personal info, important people, and health insurance (includes two for an adult and two for a child, depending on who the binder is for).
  • Personal Documents and Contacts - An at-a-glance summary of the locations of paperwork you keep locked up safe--your social security card, will, birth certificate, etc.
  • Advisor Contact Information - How to reach out to your attorneys, financial planners, and anyone who has a stake in your finances. Also includes a list of your properties and your employer information.
  • Insurance Policy Information - A list of your policies, including effective dates and contact information.
  • Safe Deposit Box Inventory - Any items you keep in a safe deposit box, their value and any pertinent notes
  • Financial Inventory - A comprehensive list of your bank accounts, mortgages, loans, investments, and other banking institutions you use
  • Debts and Loans - A tracker to record all our outstanding debts and when you’ll pay them off
  • Credit Card Inventory - Major cards and merchant cards you use and the login information needed to pay them
  • Bill Payment Records - Monthly bills, when they are due, and a checklist to record when you pay them
  • Gift Cards and Rewards - Track your rewards accounts and any gift cards you have
  • Travel Rewards - Frequent travel numbers and login information for all the various travel methods and hotels
  • Retirement Benefits - Record retirement information for you and your spouse, including pensions, veterans benefits, 401ks and IRAs
  • Household Inventory - A list of all your valuables, their purchase dates, and any insurance or warranty information. Also included is a step-by-step guide on how to create a comprehensive, useful household inventory