Direct Sales Friday Box

Direct Sales Friday Box

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Are you ready to take your direct sales business to the next level?

The Direct Sales Friday Box is the solution for you.

The Direct Sales Friday Box is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to do” papers that are part of managing any direct sales business. 

Built into the Direct Sales Friday Box are all of the systems I personally developed during my years as a direct seller. Putting these simple paper management systems in place was the secret sauce to my consistently high level of success across a variety of different direct sales companies.

The Direct Sales Friday Box is both an organizational tool to keep your paper under control, and also a set of routines that will help your direct sales business grow and thrive. With this tool in place, you'll be able to more effectively manage your:

  • leads
  • customers
  • marketing efforts
  • team members
  • professional development plan
  • finances

This all in one paper organization system will set your direct sales business up for success. Once you have a fine-tuned system for managing all of your paperwork and To Do's, you'll have more time to focus your energy on growing your business and producing income!  

The Complete Direct Sales Friday Box System includes:

  • The Direct Sales Friday Box Playbook
  • two sets of 5 rainbow-colored slash pockets (10 total)
  • one set of solid color slash pockets in 4 colors: pink, purple, blue and green (20 total)
  • a physical Sunday Basket® in your choice of colors

The Playbook provides a step-by-step guide for setting up your Direct Sales Friday Box. It provides various options for customizing the Box to meet your specific business needs. It also outlines the process you'll need to follow in order to maintain your organized paperwork over time.

{Select your color of Sunday Basket from the drop-down menu to complete your order.}

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Friday Box Delivery

Your Direct Sales Friday Box will arrive within 10 days.

An additional set of 20 solid color slash pockets may be added to your order after you register.